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30 married male.
There's certain aspects of cuck, swinging, and group sex that are of interest to me, however neither I or wife are sharers. This is a place for me to collect relevant images related to this idea.

I don't own any images unless otherwise stated; if you own any of what I post and want it down let me know.

If you know of anything close to what's here let me know! It's a big world and I only have so many eyes.



oh how i would love to be this guy

seems like he enjoys it too.

Mmmmmm, wish that was my cum filled pussy


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Eating cum covered puss

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So last night after having an awesome couple hours of sex, I asked my wife to sit on my face for a little licking and sucking. She refused and said it was gross. I’ve asked her several times and tried going down on her freshly fucked pussy when I was on top. She refuses.

Any Ideas?

I wonder if this was ever resolved. My woman feels much the same way, even without a freshly used pussy. It’s quite disheartening. 

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tease and denial - cuckold hubby
Mistress/wife tease her cuckold hubby locked up in Chastity and use two of the three cocks for her EXCLUSIVE pleasure, the third obviously has no option to be used !!


Within every woman there is a domme waiting to be discovered, nurtured, worshiped and served.

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Still having issues finding stuff where the guy felches his own.

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